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Living the farm-to-table life

We've always been gardeners and conscientious about where our food comes from - but when we had the opportunity to move to a few acres and live the farm-to-table life we jumped at the chance. It's been quite the learning curve, and it's a lot of work. From adding ducks and chickens to our own goats for milk and cheese here are some of the lessons and stories from our adventure. Join us!

Real life

I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. The truth is that I write some "motivational" type posts mostly for myself so I will just take my own advice. Like the 5 reasons you're not doing the thing was really just an excuse to make myself do the thing. Here are some of the tips, tricks, stories and struggles I've gained along the way. It's a bumpy road, friends, let's travel down it together.

Perfect panna cotta eggnog

Recipe ideas

We love eating. Part of the fun is coming up with new recipes and testing them out on our family and friends. Whether it's Eggnog Panna Cotta (a super-easy and basically foolproof recipe) or just a nice tomato soup to go with grilled cheese, we're always trying to make something new.

Recent Posts

5 reasons you're not doing the thing - and why you're wrong

It's easy to object to taking that leap. Stop. I'll go first.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

Two-ingredient Eggnog Panna Cotta

Quick prep but a fancy presentation makes this the perfect dessert for the holiday.

Fast, easy, and fancy

Keto-friendly zucchini hash

It's the time of year for zucchini - most people make bread or zoodles, but don't think of squash or zucchini for breakfast. It's a great way to start the day.

Add veggies to your daily routine

Perfect Pavlova

What's a better Mother's Day brunch idea than something that's relatively easy to make, but looks so fancy and is so tasty?

You can make this!

Lime curd - so easy - a million times better than from the jar

Some things are worth making from scratch. This is one of those things.

10 minutes is all it takes

Shout your average childbirth

Not every birth story is trauma/drama. I promise, if you're pregnant, you're probably just fine.

It's not as scary as it seems.

We tasted all the Peep flavors

Some were actually surprisingly good.

Check it out

Morning mantra for energy and attitude

Are you listening to your inner dialogue?  More importantly, are you controlling what she's saying?

You got this.

Candied kumquats

If you have kumquats, do this to them.

You can't have just one.

Easy Easter toasted Peep s'more pie

Fun, colorful, easy, and surprisingly yummy.

Try making it with the kiddos!

Carrot cake cupcakes

Perfect for your Easter baking - these cupcakes are sure to impress everyone at your brunch.

Try them yourself!

I was a good Mom - then they handed me a baby

Expectations v. reality in parenting. I'm not the Mom I thought I was.

Maybe you've been here

Zucchini and turkey sausage lasagna

This needs to be in the regular rotation. Everyone in the family will love it (it's how I trick the baby into veggies).

Feed the family

Baked mac and cheese for the whole fam

Looking for something to make everyone in the family a happy camper? Check out my mac and cheese that is sure to work for the sophisticated adult all the way down to the two-year-old.

Eat it tonight!

Stuffed jalapeños

No matter which lifestyle is yours (keto,  vegetarian or gluten-free) these are the poppers for you. Such a delicious appetizer.

Party perfect

Tomato avocado salad

This delicious vegan avocado and tomato salad is fresh and can be assembled in under five minutes. Perfect with chips, bread or alone. Add this to your regular rotation.

Quick and amazing

Cloud eggs avocado toast

We've reached #peakhipster for this meat-free Friday and we're not even sorry. Try these tonight or for brunch this weekend.

Easy and fancy! The best combo

8 steps to konmari your friendships

Who you decide to spend your time with will have an outsized impact on your life. It's good to be deliberate about it.

8 steps - what do you think?

Sunday Slider - Bacon, Pimento Cheese, Honey Shallot, Chipotle Mayo

This is the ultimate Sunday slider. A little bit spicy, a little sweet, a little southern, and a little southwest. This will make you the queen (or king) of brunch.

This is amazing

Easy and healthy shrimp and feta pasta (or zoodles)

Trying to find a recipe that takes less than 20 minutes, is delicious and healthy and sure to be loved by the whole family? Look no further. Also, perfect if you're observing Lent.

Try it tonight

Baby milestones no one tells you about

We've all heard about the "first word" and the "first step" - but what really helps you out?

You already know them

Unreal gluten-free almond raspberry tartlets

I didn't start out to make these gluten-free, it just worked out that way. So, if you're gf or not, you should still try them.

Try them this afternoon.

Things no one told me about starting a farm

I didn't know exactly what I was getting into. What it's like to start a farm-to-table lifestyle.

Here's what I learned.

The best brunch: salmon eggs benedict

I used to be slightly intimidated by this brunch staple. I had no idea how easy it was to make. It's amazing - trust me.

This one will spark joy

By popular request: Keto and gluten free air fryer avocado fries

Friends asked me to figure out the secrets to air fry some gluten-free and keto avocado fries. I think we nailed this one.

Try it out today (or this weekend)

The 7 questions I'm always asked about having goats

Once people find out that I have goats and do the farm-to-table thing, they always ask me these questions.

You know you want to know

It might be time to reconsider your coffee routine

I finally really looked at one of my daily habits and a small tweak is saving me in the pocketbook big time, cutting my waste, helping my garden, and giving me a few minutes of presence in the early morning.

Think about it?

Air fried avocado and BLT taco to change your life

This is the taco. Which taco? THE taco. Crispy and gooey air fired avocados with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a chile crema. Can tacos change your life? Only one way to find out.

Srsly eat this.

Power protein banana peanut smoothie

Remember when your Mom would make you banana and peanut butter sandwiches? Well, now you can feel that every morning while getting a ton of protein and starting your day off right.

Try it today!

Healthy cinnamon fruit dip - perfect for snack time!

It's tough to figure out what to feed your family at snack time you can feel good about. Try this dip on fruit or crackers.

Only 4 ingredients!

Being a "default parent" is a thing

It was a struggle when we had a new baby, but our family worked through it. Maybe we've been through some stuff that can help you out?

Read it here

Distressed farmhouse vanity DIY upgrade

This is the perfect weekend project to give that tired, dated, yellow oak vanity an upgrade. Huge reward for little work and money.

You can do it!

Perfectly delicious steak tacos - make these now

If you want the best thing to feed your family - try this steak taco recipe. Great for meal prep. Serve over tortillas or greens if you're doing keto, this will quickly become a household staple.

Check it out

Buy yourself flowers today

I got this (at least) $100 bouquet for $14. Did you not get flowers yesterday? Did you not WANT flowers yesterday? Well, you want them today because you can get them for a song.

Let me tell you about my made up holiday

This is it - the real deal

Sometimes we get so bogged down in the day-to-day of real life that we forget something important - we only get one shot to make this life the best one we can.

For me, that means trying to make every day a little bit of a celebration. Do something different. Try something that scares you a little.

Even small things - a new recipe - a new wardrobe look - a new hairstyle - planning the trip with a lifetime of memories - can make every day just a little bit better.

Join us in trying new things and celebrating the small victories.  That doesn't mean it has to be perfect, real life rarely is. But it CAN be your real best life.

Perfect Matcha Tea

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